Welcome to my exploration into the history of Jewish food and the delectable art of cooking. My name is Sara London. I am a recently married aspiring balabusta (Yiddish for good homemaker) and am embarking on the discovery of my heritage through food and tradition. The diaspora of the Jewish people has led to a great array of colors and flavors of Jewish cooking that I am inspired to delve into and bring into our home.

I grew up in a Jewish household in the San Francisco Bay Area, but love and dream about living in Israel. (I married an Israeli so that should help!) In addition to brushing up on my Hebrew, I am pursuing a “Phd” in Israeli culture, lifestyle and customs. Why are lines in Israel shaped like triangles? Why do all of my Ashkenazi Israeli friends laugh when I share my love for Eyal Golan? What is the difference between American and Israeli Hummus? I am fascinated by the differences of American and Israeli Jewish life and I share my unique perspective as an Israeli outsider.

Shabbat is a weekly tradition in our home. Although I did not grow up in an observant household (my parents are reform Jews), I became inspired by the Jewish mitzvot as I prepared for my wedding. In our hectic San Francisco always connected life, Shabbat became our refuge for relaxation and true togetherness. Observing Shabbat has brought us so much happiness I wanted to share this gift with others. We have guests almost every week (both Jews and non-Jews alike) where we share Jewish food, practices and a little Torah. Over time, guests wanted recipes and rather than continuing to email each person individually I decided to create a home for my recipes and observations. This led to the birth of ShabbatwithSara.com.


I would love to hear from you! Don’t be shy lets get in touch.

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