There are a few restaurants that keep you dreaming long after the trip and Sinta Bar in Haifa is one of them. Coming from San Francisco, a foodie mecca, I am definitely not the easiest to please. Adding on top of that the gluten allergy, it can often be tough to get really really worthwhile food especially while traveling.

Sinta Bar is that sexy restaurant where if you lived in Haifa you would go for a date night to get away from the kids. Israeli’s, like most Europeans, are late eaters so to optimize for Israeli people watching (which I highly recommend!) plan on 8:30 to 9 PM dinner. The restaurant decor is high end for Haifa…it actually has hardwood and finish here! They also always have some nice beats playing enticing you to just come even for a drink at the bar.

I have to admit that I loved it so much I was pulled here several times on my trip. I recommend starting off with the Asaf 50/50 red wine which is a red blend from a local winery in the Golan Heights. Most Israeli wine in restaurants is sub-par but their collection won’t disappoint even a Napa wino. ┬áHere are my favorites and what I recommend:

  1. The Sinta Burger

Sinta - burger

Seriously, this is the best burger in Haifa and they even have Gluten Free buns! What I love is that they actually listen to your meat order. I feel like in America no matter what you tell them they produce “medium-well”. Here, when I said medium-rare I actually got it!

2. The Risotto

FullSizeRender (24)

It is creamy and full of flavor with delicate mushrooms. Risotto often goes wrong with either texture or flavor. It is perfectly cooked every time (I have ordered this four times I love it that much!) and has a comforting earthly flavor this is just enough, not overpowering. I could eat this all day!

Overall, everything I ordered here is delicious and the only question left is….when can I go back ?!?

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